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Hot Hair Color Trends You Need For Fall 2016

Just as the colours of the seasons change, so should your hair tones. This year, an exciting new breed of hair hues have been introduced. Besides a refresh on your cut, why not consider one of these revolutionary new tones? Changing your colour for Fall is a fantastic way to freshen your look as you head into the Holidays. Here’s a quick guide to the hottest Fall/Winter 2016 hues and dye trends:

1.Rose Gold Blond

This fresh hair color focuses on the middle and ends of your hair, making them luminous, and offering a certain depth of contrast in your appearance. Margot Robbie powerfully illustrates how elegant and charming one can look with rose gold blond hair color. It is recommended for women with warmer skin tones.

2. Sombré

Sombre is a hand-painted hair color, that dramatically contrasts your layers from the darkest to the lightest. Chrissy Teigen impresses us in it with her shorter hair. Sombré can work for any hair type and shade.

3. Textured Turquoise

Want to try Fall’s hippest hue? Textured Turquoise is the perfect funky shade that is applicable to almost all kinds of hair types and textures. Even though bleaching is involved in this hair color, it will instantly make you a superstar at your next gathering.

4. Bronde

Bronde, a brown and blonde color combination, is very popular especially among celebs. Its deeper brown base compliments your skin tone and makes your hair look eye-catchingly dramatic. It’s especially recommended for brunettes as it’s simpler for to progress from rich brown to a beautiful caramel blonde in one fell swoop!

5. Champagne-Y Red

For a darker blonde, Champagne-Y Red is a perfect choice as it will give you sexy, alluring look. This beautiful golden red/blond is ideal for those needing a subtle change. Our expert team will guide you to the undertone that is perfect for you.

6. Illuminated Copper Red

This beautiful colour formula offers impressive results and works well for many skin tones, including fair and dark shades. This may not be for everyone, so let us guide you to the perfect choice for you.

7. Deep Brown with Red Accents

Looking for the hottest runway carpet look of the season? Kim Kardashian beautifully pulls the deep brown and reddish cast together. Deep Brown with Red Accents gets you these stunning results.

8. Pumpkin Spice

This will be your new favorite hair color for this fall season! It delivers golden blond and chestnut shades, giving you a multi-dimensional appearance in the fading sunlight of Fall 2016. People are going crazy over orange hair right now. Your pumpkin spice will definitely stand strong and elegant in the crowd.

9. Ronze

If you want a subtle and stunning hair color, Ronze (a combination of copper-red and bronze-brown) is the hair color you need this fall season. Here, Julianne Moore is looking alluring with really ronze tresses, highlighting her complexion.

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